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KasperskyHybrid Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

Cloud Security That Just Works

We have developed outstanding multi-layered protection for workloads in Microsoft Azure. Meet your shared security responsibility with a perfectly balanced combination of agile continuous security and superior efficiency, protecting your data against the most advanced current and future threats without compromising on cloud environment performance. With Kaspersky’s comprehensive solution for Microsoft Azure, you can be confident that the security of everything you put into the cloud adheres to your corporate standards, and that your data and users are safeguarded at all times.

    • Cloud-friendly Protection

      Available via Azure Extensions, so you can provision cybersecurity capabilities right inside your cloud workloads, keeping your always-on business apps safe and secure.

    • Native Security Orchestration

      Cybersecurity that becomes a natural part of your cloud ecosystem, thanks to streamlined security provisioning and monitoring via integration into Azure Security Center.

    • Next Gen security - now in Microsoft Azure public cloud!

      Next generation cybersecurity means people and machines working together to build an elastic adaptive cloud security environment. This is what we offer, enabling you and your integrated cloud-based security to detect and respond to most advanced cyberthreats.

    • Cross-cloud visibility and management

      A single-pane-of-glass console of Kaspersky Security Center allows for unified management of all your cloud assets, regardless of their location, providing full visibility and transparency and enabling smooth and efficient orchestration and administration.

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