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KasperskyHybrid Cloud Security for AWS

AWS is the leading public cloud provider, offering the most advanced cloud environment on the market, incorporating outstanding reliability and scalability, and providing a range of cloud-native security tools for building borderless enterprise-level environments.

However, the shared security responsibility model dictates the need for additional security capabilities, calling for an elastic cybersecurity layer that covers your entire cloud environment and protects the data you hold on AWS workloads.

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offers best-of-breed , resource-efficient protection that can be managed across your whole AWS environment – and beyond, administering cybersecurity needs of your entire hybrid infrastructure. Thanks partly to AWS API integration , Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security makes your experience with Amazon Web Services as smooth as it is secure.

    • Native management of cloud security

      We let your cloud and its security layer communicate and interoperate. Integration via AWS API means you can see into every corner, understand how your cloud is organized and provision your security capabilities edge to edge, protecting all your cloud workloads.

    • Flexible licensing

      You can either bring your own Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security license to secure your AWS workloads - or enjoy a native AWS pay-as-you-go approach, whatever is more convenient.

    • Next Gen security - now in AWS public cloud!

      Next generation cybersecurity means people and machines working together to build an elastic adaptive cloud security environment. This is what we offer, enabling you and your integrated cloud-based security to detect and respond to most advanced cyberthreats.

    • Cross-cloud visibility and management

      AWS API integration allows for the unified management of all your IT assets, on-premise and in the cloud, through a single console, providing full visibility and transparency and enabling smooth and efficient orchestration and administration.

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